Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekend Working

Good day inrawebs!  Up and at 'em!

Its a wonderful Saturday here in Portland, cloudy weather is back, but it's nice none the less.  This morning I've already managed to have some fun.  I kept Rebecca up from her night audit shift and we strolled over to the Beaverton Farmers Market and endulged in a couple delicious scones for breakfast and bought this beautiful hanging flower basket that we placed on our balcony.  I must admit I love living close to farmers markets and becoming more informed about buying locally and seeing raw and unprocessed veggies is so great!

After the market, I ran around and did a few adult errands like paying bills and getting an oil change for my car BORING stuff.  I finally made it over to Mill End Store in Beaverton to get more ribbon for my pink dress.

It is a fabulous wall of colors, prints, wired, silks, vintage! OH YEAH!  Only though I went in for pink ribbon, I spent another 45 minutes browsing through their whole selections of fabric.  I always tell my self too browse, you never know what you are going to find there in the store, especially in the clearance or discount section, they always set aside any left over pieces of fabric from bolts or if there were any stains on the fabric they cut it off and sell it at a cheaper price!  This is a great way to buy a little extra fabric to spice up a dress or hat up.

I always like looking in that section for small pieces of fabric that will make a reticule or a lovely flower for a hat.  You never know until you look! So after all the browsing in Mill End Store I finally took up the pink ribbon (which was a fresh 50 yard roll) up to the cutting counter and asked for 12 yards.  Not a bad price when its only .70 cents a yard.  The lady at the cutting counter kept finding snags in the fist few yards.  Then she found stains.  Oh my, she must have spent 10 minutes going through the whole spool checking for imperfections.  Finally towards the end of the roll we have an 8 yard piece and 4 yard piece that should work just perfect!

Now I'm back in the epic craft room drafting patterns in various sizes for drawstring dresses.  I really need to think of a great new for our craft room.  Studio just sounds too official and craft room just sounds too boring.  I need something historicaly and nerdy.  hehehe

Well, I'm going to push off and head back to work.  I've got a ton more patterns to trace and all of that pink ribbon needs to be sewn onto the gown.  I can't wait!  The dress is going to look soooooo good.  I have Disney princess movies keeping me motivated.  Current selection is Pocahontas.  Hope everyone has a fun productive weekend. Here are a few more random pictures of my craziness going on.

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