Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Heat!

Good day intrawebs!

We are in the midst of a summer heat wave here in the Portland area.  Day after day of sweltering 90 plus degree weather beating down on us.  Yeah, I know what some of you might think "really?  90 degree weather...that's nothing!".  For us hippies up here, it's quite the shock.  We are use to, and spoiled by out mild weather all year long.  Sure we get lots of rain here in the Northwest, but usually its never too hot or too cold. 

I'm going to say it...I can't wait for fall to be here!  Thank goodness for air conditioning.

Due to this heat wave over this week, I've decided to take break, relax, and not do any sewing until next week.  It is too bloody hot to do anything but sleep.

Next week, I'll be back in the groove and starting a new dress with a new pattern I just received as a belated birthday present.  I will be trying out the Ladies Regency Bib Front Gown from Laughing Moon Mercantile .  So far, I've heard good things about the pattern and seems rather simple to use.

Until I start that new project.  Here are a few pictures from the Swan Island Dahlia Farm Picnic with The Oregon Regency Society.

Here is my roommate in a dress I made for her
Back of her dress.

I hope you all enjoy the remaining days of summer!  Until the next update....

Love & Lollipops

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