Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Regency Layers

Hello Intrawebs!!

Kelly here, again, with another blogtastic Regency blog.

I thought I would throw together a collection of photos of a basic Regency ensemble.

Step 1: Stockings & Chemise
Chemise- A loose fitting undergarment
 Step 2: Stays (Short or Long)
Stays- or Corset
Step 3: Petticoat
 Step 4: Dress
Round Gown or Drawstring Dress
Step 5: Accessories (Spencer, Ribbon at Underbust, Overdress, etc.)
There you have it!  5 simple basic items you need to have a complete Regency ensemble!  

Now these are just generic guidelines when dressing for a Regency event.  Some ladies will wear additional petticoats and bum rolls too.  Just remember to have fun with it, love you, love what you're wearing and rock it!

Until next time intrawebs.  Goodnight.

Love & Lollipops,

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