Monday, April 28, 2014

Another Manic Monday

Good afternoon intrawebs!!

Hope everyone had a decent Monday!  

I'm enjoying a much needed Hefe.  If you haven't enjoyed one of these fine fine beers, you are surely missing out.  Luckily we are spoiled here in Portland with many many breweries and Widmer is one of them.  They have a great brewery and restaurant that allows you to taste test all their seasonal beers and enjoy delicious food.

Well, I found out a new bib front pattern is soon to be available through Laughing Moon I hope it works out pretty well, it seems like the people testing it so far really enjoy it!  This will be my next pattern purchase and I look forward to making many many lovely gowns from it.

Thank to my roommate Rebecca I now have the song You're The Best Around. It's stuck on repeat in my brain, I can't seem to kick it out. 

Good night ladies and gents!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Okay....One More!

My baby is being adorable this morning and being super shy.  Enjoy the adorable cuteness of Jazz (aka Schmitty)

Its Official...Moving Day is Coming

It's just about official, moving day is soon upon me!

Currently I am living in Portland with two roommates (Rebecca and Mike) in a small two bedroom apartment.  It was soon decided that due to our multiple crafty hobbies, we did not have enough room in our apartment for all my dress makings and Rebecca's multiple crafting hobbies.  

Over the last six months we've been trying to find a three bedroom place that would give us the extra room for a crafting room.  About a week and a half ago we found a place and applied!  So far everything is a green light and should be moving into the place in two weeks!

I can't wait to be settled and have extra room for my dress form, cutting boards, sewing machine, fabric.  UGH! YAY!  This will help me to get my Etsy shop Northanger Savvy up and running smoothly!

Currently I'm trying to complete a day dress for myself.  It's made of a baby pink cotton gauze, with accent trim in a dusty rose pink.  This is the gown I'm basing it off of:


It's been a work in progress for a month.  I have just the bottom of the dress to finish.  Hemming the gown and placing the three rows of pink ribbon on the bottom!

Also I've found a recently found a good knock off pair of regency shoes.  If you are a re-enactment buff, you know about American Duchess Shoes.  The best historical reproduction shoes around.  With them being the best, they do run a high cost that makes them fully worth it, but if you're like me, I'm always looking for a bargin or a good knock off.  I've found these Laced Oxford Shoes from Payless Shoe Store for $24.99. 

I ended up buying them in the brown since I thought they looked better like leather than the black ones.  

Historical Reenactment doesn't need to be an expensive adventure.  Look for deals and knock off.  As long as you feel like a million bucks, everyone else is going to see how well you shine and never know the difference.  This is my goal with Northanger Savvy.  A bargin and beauty in one gown.

Until next time intrawebs, this geek is out!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Where to Look??

This creating a shop stuff is tough!  Good golly!  I'm searching for good art work to create a store banner in Etsy.

I'm really digging this artist Richter Bach from devianART, I've got a message into him to see if it's an option for me to use his are and add custom font on top.  We'll see!!  Keep your fingers crossed!

And adorable picture of the spoiled brat who keeps be smiling day in and day out.
Hope everyone has a lovely night.  Time for rest and hopefully hit the cutting board tomorrow for a new dress in the making.

Hello World!!! Isn't that how you start these things?

Hello Intrawebs!

My name is Kelly and I'm a local inhabitant of Portland, OR.  I've lived here for the past 3 years and each year that goes by I love this city more and more.  

Two years ago I was new to the area and looking to make new acquaintances when I stumbled upon a friend in England who would partake in a year tradition of dressing up in Regency period clothing and enjoy an evening with other people dressed in period wear and dance the night away.  Now I had always been a history buff, always enjoying period dramas and the fabulous costumes they damsels in distress were wearing.  When I heard of this in England, I automatically wished there was something near me that I could do this same thing.  

Instantly I hit Facebook in hopes of finding what I was searching for and stumbled upon The Oregon Regency Society. A group of individuals dedicated to the appreciation of Jane Austen and all the greats for the Regency period.  After reading up about the group and seeing the many different types of events they held, I made the choice to join in and see what would happen.  Two weeks later I was meeting up with one of the ORS leaders and trying on a set up!
Ever since then I've been hooked and trying to learn as much as possible about sewing and making these dresses.  With the help of Nora (ORS Leader) she helped me to know the basics of sewing and making these dresses come to life. 

I've made 8 dresses for my self and friends since I first learned about this society and it's been such a fun journey and has become one of my most favorite hobbies to come.  Recently I've had an itch to share my hobby with others and open up and Etsy shop.  I want to be able to sew pre-made dresses and sell them to others to enjoy and part take in the pleasures of the Regency Era and re-enactment.

The next few months join me in the crazy process of starting up my shop, enjoy a few laughs (and maybe a beer) and random moments!

Welcome one and all!