Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another Project Done

Good evening my intraweb browsers~!

It is a lovely Tuesday evening and I'm finally getting around to updating this blog.  I've been one busy gal (socially and not sewing wise unfortunately...) but I've finally gotten around to finishing an over dress, along with starting my first Laughing Moon dress!

Here is the lovely overdress I've finally completed:

I used the Patterns of Time pattern #256 1795 to 1825 Overdress.  I decided not to add a train to this pattern since whenever you do add a train to you dress, everyone seems like magnets to stepping on it.  This is a very very easy pattern to construct.  The pattern it's self is very basic and you will really need to complete a lot of adjustments to make the fit really fit you like a glove (especially if you're a curvy gal like myself).  

All in all, I think I would use this pattern again due to the simplicity, but if you are not good or do not like fitting, this is not a good pattern for you. 

So, what is in store for me next??

I'm onto working on the Laughing Moon pattern #126 the "Bib Front" pattern.  I choose a very cheap simple blue cotton fabric to start this dress.  I couldn't believe the the amount of different pattern pieces I had to cut out for this dress.  I must have cut out at least 10 pieces! lol  I'm used to 4 pieces...max!  Though I must say I am quite happy so far with this pattern.  I've had to do a lot more thinking and reading to make sure I was doing everything correctly, but so far so good.

 Here is the fabric I chose to use.  A simple 100% cotton from Joann's.  My favorite shopping establishment by far.  Though some of their fabric choices are bloody horrible.  Every now and then you can find a wonderful fabric at a decent price.  

Here is the beginning of the bodice and sleeve of pooffiness!  I enjoy pleating instead of gathering, so I made the sleeve slightly larger than normal to allow myself extra pleats and it gave me a wonderful shape!

Now back to the craft room of epic for more sewing adventures!

Best to you all, until next time!

Love & Lollipops,

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