Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blarg-ity Blarg Blog

Good evening intrawebs!!

I'm lacking motivation today to work on my pink Regency dress.  I have three rows of pink ribbon to add the the bottom of the dress and then I am finished!  I ran out of the ribbon though last night so I'm stuck until I make it to Mill End to purchase 10 yards more.  

Today though, its 89 here in Portland, and I am taking a break.  It is too damn hot in the room without AC to work.  Sure it's going to get quite a bit hotter, once Summer finally knocks on our door, but for now I'm calling a timeout!

Side note...If you're in the Portland area and haven't been to Mill End Store you really should check them out.  They have two locations, one is SE Portland and one in Beaverton.  The SE location is probably close to double the size of the Beaverton location but both are equally fabulous!  If you're looking for any type of fabric and Joann's or your local fabric store are not quite cutting it, you're sure to find it at Mill End.  They have a lovely selection of cottons, Civil War reproductions, vintage prints, toile, voile, silks, ooooh the list goes on.  If you're a big quilter, they have a wide wide selection of printed cottons in a variety of colors, themes, and pizazz!

Well, I'm off for some much needed R&R and a cool beer.

Love & Lollipops!

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