Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Being Lazy

It's been a while intrawebs!

I've been on the silent waves for the last few days.  My friend Jenna came up for Memorial Day weekend and we did nothing but shop until we dropped!  So much fun.

Now I gearing up and getting ready to head out to Victoria, British Columbia where some family have rented a cottage for a week.  I can't wait.  Words really cannot express how excited I am!! Though, I do have some major major concerns about the ferry ride there.  I have problems with boats ever since my cousin Corey scared the living shit out of me and my cousin Amy when we were little.  I just have major irrational fears about dying on the boat.  So for now, I'm keeping my eye on the fun distant stuff and not thinking about boat horror.

While Jenna was up visiting we stopped by the Portland Japanese Gardens up by out house.  The weather was perfect and all of Portland was out and about with us.  Here are some beautiful pictures

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