Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Up And Running...

Good afternoon intrawebs!!  Hope everyone had a good Tuesday at work or school or whatever it is you spend your day.  If it were me, I rather be sewing all day then spending my day at the surgery center, making sure all the surgeries are set and have everything they need.  One day I might make this shop up to a full time job.  Wouldn't that be amazing! For now, I look to keeping my sewing as a hobby that I share with others.  Making pretties and being happy is my goal!

Finally we have settled the epic craft room.  All fabulousness is settled and ready for projects.  I've got my pink dress out and ready to be completed.  I leave on vacation to Canada in a few weeks and look to take my pink dress and photograph it in the Butchart Gardens.  I pray the weather fairs for the trip and the photographs I hope to take.

Here is the main cutting and sewing tables in our craft room.  Rebecca is there on the right and my spot is on the left (all for my left handedness! lol)

Here's an awkward one of me trying to take a panoramic picture of the room and Rebecca being a goof ball! 

Well, I best get on to working hard on my dress and getting to work on future dresses for other ladies in need of fabulous dresses!

Love & Lollipops

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