Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Its Been A While...

No not the song by the band Stained... Staind?? Whatever that bands name was with the lead singer who sung all funky...

Oh this band... lol

Okay, off topic.... It has been some time since I last blogged about the happenings in my life!

I have finally finished the cotton flower block print dress.  I pleated close to 3 yards of fabric into the back of the dress and gave it an ever so elegant baby train.  I have yet to get it picture on a person, though as soon as I do, I will have pictures up in a heart beat.  Here are the tiny pleats, which are on top of deep pleats underneath.

Hand Pleats
 As soon as I finished this dress, I started looking into new patterns.  I have been using the same pattern for all the round gowns but I change them up with different skirts and sleeves.  I really want to dive into overdress patterns which are usually typical of earlier Regency period (1795ish).  I did end up finding one through Patterns of Time.

This pattern is very simple and easy to understand AS LONG AS you are familiar with period correct patterns and the way bodices go together.  Even though I've made close to 10 regency dresses for myself and others, I still consider myself a newb.  I feel like I still have tons to learn and this patterns instructions were a little confusing at first.  I did go out and buy beautiful fabric for this overdress.  It is a cotton teal and cream damask fabric.  I will make a plain white round gown to go underneath as well.

I have the craft room all set and all 10 yards of fabric have been washed!!  Now comes the worst part of sewing...Ironing newly washed fabric...Blarg!

Now that all 10 yards are ironed, they are ready to be cut and assembled!!!  

WOOO!!  I will update once I get a little bit further in the process~!  

Have a good one intrawebs!

Love & Lollipops!

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