Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Back Home

Hello Intrawebs!!!

I'm back home and in the states again!

Sort of sad vacation is over and that I have to be back at the daily job, but none the less it has happened and I'm back in the craft room. 

I left my flower block print dress partially assembled before I left to Canada and I finally am back in the groove for sewing.  Well....sort of rusty.  I went to put the sleeves in my dress and ended up putting them too far back in the dress so the fit was completely messed up! So, the most hateful part of sewing had to happen....unpicking seams.  UGH!  I HATE IT!! I'm such a perfectionist and I like to do something once and have it perfect.  That is not the case when it comes to Regency gowns.  To make it perfect, you must try, unpick seams, sew again, unpick seams, sew again.  Usually by the third try I can have it it right and a good fit.  None the less though, IT SUCKS!!  

Putting sleeves in a Regency are such a pain in the arse!  Since the seams and fitting of the dresses do not follow today's conventions, the pleating and extra room are towards the back of the dress to allow moving room for your arms with period stays on.  Unlike seams today which are at the top of the dresses along the top shoulder seam.  UGH.  They are a pain to get right!!  GEESH!  I just need more time to practice I guess, but even doing this for about a year, I still have yet to perfect a sleeve in one sew swoop!

Now back to work and I can't wait for this dress to be finished~!

Here are few pictures from my trip to Victoria.  So much beauty in that tiny city!

Buschart Gardens

Buschart Gardens

Buschart Gardens

Afternoon Tea @ Buschart Gardens

The Empress Hotel

Craigdarroch Castle

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