Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another Dress Down!

Good day my fellow intraweb travelers!

Summer is almost gone here in the Northwest and the days are slowly cooling down and taking a turn towards Fall. 

With things winding down, I finally had a chance to finish the little girls Regency dress.  They came over Friday night and finally saw the dress in full and tried it on to make sure everything fit right.  I had been fretting for a weeks that the sleeves on the dress wouldn't fit.  The little girl loved the dress.  She had the biggest smile on her face and the dress fit perfectly.

This dress was made from the Sense and Sensibility Girls Regency Dress pattern.  This is the first dress I have made from this pattern and I must say I was very happy with how easy this dress went together.  After the family went home I got word that the elder daughter now wants a dress made, along with their brother!

I'm so excited that this dress worked and so proud of myself and how well my skills are improving.

Until the next dress, enjoy the dog days!

Love & Lollipops,

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