Monday, April 28, 2014

Another Manic Monday

Good afternoon intrawebs!!

Hope everyone had a decent Monday!  

I'm enjoying a much needed Hefe.  If you haven't enjoyed one of these fine fine beers, you are surely missing out.  Luckily we are spoiled here in Portland with many many breweries and Widmer is one of them.  They have a great brewery and restaurant that allows you to taste test all their seasonal beers and enjoy delicious food.

Well, I found out a new bib front pattern is soon to be available through Laughing Moon I hope it works out pretty well, it seems like the people testing it so far really enjoy it!  This will be my next pattern purchase and I look forward to making many many lovely gowns from it.

Thank to my roommate Rebecca I now have the song You're The Best Around. It's stuck on repeat in my brain, I can't seem to kick it out. 

Good night ladies and gents!!

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